Elderly Man Is Abandoned At His Birthday Dinner

Family is everything. But there are times that the love, care, and attention that a person needs will be gotten from elsewhere asides their immediate family. Sometimes one’s family may disappoint and one can only turn to people around whether family or not for support. At such periods one may eventually realize that love can be gotten from other places asides his immediate family as well.

This was a lesson an elderly man came to learn on his 61st celebration. The elderly man was seen in the restaurant in Boca del Rio Mexico setting up his own birthday celebration all by himself. The other guests at the restaurant watched on as the lone man continued setting up some tables, handsome streamers and even lay down some birthday hats.

Although it looked like the man was setting up the table for his children, grandchildren and the rest of his family, most of the people wondered why he was there setting up alone and none of his family members were there to help him. but the sad part was even yet to come.


Soon the old man’s cell phone rang. He had just gotten a message. No one knew what was in the message he just read but it soon became obvious the moment he read it that it was bad news. His face and demeanor dropped immediately and everyone noticed how sad he was.

This could only mean one thing, no one was coming to celebrate his birthday with him. What a sad and lonely way for things to turn out after going through all the effort to set things up.

But the old man wasn’t about to give up just yet, this was his birthday and he decided to give the celebration one last shot. After being failed by all his family members he decided to reach out for love from strangers sitting in all around him in the restaurant.

He mustered a grace and strength that was only possible for someone of his age and experience and asked the strangers around him for a heart-breaking favor.

“Please excuse me, but can I have your attention. Today is my birthday, I’m turning 61 years old and I wanted to celebrate with my family. I’ve been waiting for my children and grandchildren, but nobody has come,” he announced. At this point, he got emotional and had to pause before continuing.

“Anyone who wants to can come to sit with me and celebrate my birthday. I would also be forever grateful for a little birthday song,” he added.


On hearing his speech, everyone in the restaurant got up from their seats and joined him to give him the 61st birthday of his dreams. At the end of the day this old man got more than just a birthday song, he got a birthday cake and even a birthday party. Everyone left their table and joined in wishing him a wonderful birthday. Even though his family had let him down, this old man soon realized that there are still people in this world that are willing to shower you with love and kindness when you need it.

Family can sometimes be unreliable, but we there will always be good people around to lend a helping hand to those in need. You should strive to be on of such persons too.

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