Mother And Daughter Save To Buy A Property, But Squatters Refuse To Let Them Move-In

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Mother And Daughter Save To Buy A Property, But Squatters Refuse To Let Them Move-In

Jen Larsen and her mother, Donna Edmonds, had to use their money to buy a house. Both of them thought it was the best choice. The mother and daughter don’t think it makes sense to keep renting a house when it seems like everything is going up these days because of the pandemic.

Talking to Fox 5 Las Vegas, Jen said, “My mom and I decided to buy a house together about two months ago because both of our rents were going to go up dramatically, about $500 apiece.”

Getting the money together wasn’t easy, but they were overjoyed to be beginning a new chapter in their life in the process. They all will be living together in this four-bedroom, three-bathroom residence.

Donna said, “We scrimped and scraped the two of us to get this and we were so excited.”

They were successful in acquiring the over 2,700-square-foot home on Leadville Meadows Drive that they desired. The quiet and pleasant nature of the area makes it ideal for a family of this size. In addition, the mansion was enormous. It was their dream home. Then, when they were finally ready to move in, they didn’t expect their fate to change.

The request from the vendor was for an extra week to finish packing and move out of the house. The previous homeowners will need to use the money to move out. Jen felt bad about their situation, so she agreed to help. For their security, Jen made sure that he was put on paper.

However, seven days later, the house is not ready for them to move in yet. The previous homeowners were no longer there. The problem was that someone else would move in during those seven days. And now that Jen and her mom are ready to move in, these squatters don’t want to leave.

Emotionally, Donna said, “I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. It’s been really, really stressful.”

The closing date is set for March 4, which is written on the property’s deed. Even though they had all the proof they needed to show that the property belongs to them, they couldn’t move in yet.

FOX5 obtained a copy of the eviction notice and visited the residence to speak with the occupants. Inside, there were lights. They tried to talk to someone, but no one answered the door but they noticed a bicycle in the driveway.

And while the reporters were there, a blue truck driven by a guy and a woman arrived into the driveway just as the TV crew was packing up to leave. A Fox5 reporter approached them and the man merely replied that he was only there for a visit and didn’t want to be on camera.

Later on, Fox5 received an email from the woman they saw riding on the blue truck. According to her, she is the one living there and that she has every right to be there. She explains that a legal lease from the previous owner, which expires July 2, has been transferred to her.

The woman was contacted by FOX5 via email and asked whether or not she has plans to move out and by what date. She has not responded to those queries.

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