Ziva David is back on NCIS with new episode tonight

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NCIS returns tonight with the winter premiere and Ziva David is back for more. There is a rub, though, as Season 17, Episode 11 might be the last time we see her for a while.

Even the preview hints that Ziva has one foot out the door, but that she is willing to stick around a little bit longer if it means that she can help Gibbs solve one last case. Then, it may be time for her to head to Paris.
The NCIS episode for January 7 has some important plot points, as Gibbs is trying to track down a missing Phineas. The preview for the winter premiere is shared below.
What happened during the last NCIS episode?

When we last saw the NCIS cast in action, a huge twist was revealed within the show. It turned out that the woman named Sahar that was killed by her own men in the second episode of the season was an imposter.

Sahar turned out to be alive and the bigger twist was her identity. The woman going by Sarah — who lived next door to Gibbs with a child named Phineas — was actually Sahar.

The fall finale was pretty dramatic as they tracked Sahar/Sarah and it wound up with a showdown between her and Ziva. When Sahar got the upper hand in the fight, Gibbs showed up at just the right moment and shot Sahar. She died — for good this time.
The road appears to be cleared for Ziva David to return to her family and have a reunion with her daughter and Tony DiNozzo. In fact, that may be how the new episode begins, but when Phineas goes missing, it means Ziva can’t leave just yet.

It hasn’t been revealed whether this is the last episode that Cote de Pablo will star in as a part of the NCIS cast. It will be good to see her share some more scenes with Mark Harmon, but fans should prepare for a big goodbye by the end of the hour. Sure, it would be easy to bring her back in the future, again, but there has been no indication that it will happen.

So, make sure to tune in for the new episode called In the Wind, which will debut for the first time on January 7.

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