Abandoned Houses

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Early this year, out of curiosity, my 10-year-old daughter Regan and I drove up to an abandoned property a few miles from our house. We went around to the rear door, which was barely open. We figured what the heck, let’s take a short look inside. It was quite terrifying and uncomfortable. There were mountains of worn-out, filthy blankets. There were papers from a drawer all over the place. There were soiled clothes in a corner. Not old ones, just dirty ones. When we heard a faint creak from the back door, we swiftly turned around. We were scared! But all it was was the wind.

As soon as we stepped outside the house, two cars appeared out of nowhere. with two men in one and a woman in the other. They politely asked us to go because this was private property. No problem. We drove away in our vehicle after walking there with some guilt. This led me to think about other abandoned houses, so I looked up images online.

Here are a couple

Abandoned Houses
Photo by mlhradio on flickr

What exactly is a vacant house?

A house that has been left vacant for financial, legal, or other reasons is said to be abandoned. Most abandoned homes are typically run-down and in need of rehabilitation because of financial restrictions. Abandoned homes are sought-after real estate for investors, speculators who flip properties, and wholesalers because they sell for less than market value.

Abandoned Houses
Photo by Kurt Christensen on flickr

How to purchase a foreclosed house?

1. Look for an empty structure.
2. Make sure it gets thrown away (and not vacant).

  1. Locate the owner of the property and get in touch with them.
  2. Visit the home and then make a bid.
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Find a Bank-Owned Property

There are several ways to locate an abandoned house, which is the first step in buying it. The following options can help you get started:

  • Look for houses that seem to be empty. Although this is a straightforward method, it could be difficult to distinguish between an abandoned property and an uninhabited one. Typical signs of abandonment include overgrown grass and weeds, faded or chipped paint, no automobiles in the driveway, structural issues, and other circumstances.
  • Check to see whether any unoccupied homes are located along the delivery or mail routes. Daily couriers often visit the nearby villages and your area. The next time they deliver mail or a package, ask them whether they’ve spotted any properties that look to be vacant or abandoned. They presumably drive past one or two of them on a daily basis.
  • Pay a visit to the county clerk’s office. You might be able to locate abandoned homes by visiting the county clerk’s office because the government retains records of property ownership.
  • Look into neighborhood real estate sales. The government seizes real estate all throughout the US as a result of violations of federal laws. To make sure you can attend the sale of these homes, check the dates and locations of any forthcoming local real estate auctions.
  • Ask local realtors about foreclosures by giving them a call. Real estate agents in the area are aware of vacant and abandoned properties since it can affect their business. Nobody wants to buy a house next to one that has been abandoned. Check with them after asking a few realtors if they know of any.
  • Ask banks for a list of any homes that are about to go into foreclosure. Some homeowners choose to leave their house totally when they are in danger of bankruptcy or foreclosure. The legal procedure may go on if this happens. Learn more about properties that have gone into foreclosure or are being repossessed by visiting these banks.
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Verify that it is discarded (and not vacant)

At first appearance, it could be difficult to tell the difference between an abandoned house and one that is merely unoccupied. This is especially true if the home is in disrepair. The difference is important, though, since the owner of a vacant home still maintains legal title of the land, but the owner of an abandoned home has lost all ownership rights.

It may be a little simpler for you to deal with a home that seems to be abandoned if you know that most owners of vacant homes don’t live in the same city as the property. If you want to learn more about the house or its previous residents, you may ask your neighbors. The owner’s address should also be disclosed in public records so that you, the neighborhood HOA, or even the local government or police department may contact them to try to remedy the problem with the house.

In general, owners of abandoned houses don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling or making repairs to their homes. To prevent the vacant home from being abandoned, you may try telling the owner about companies like We Buy Ugly Houses. Our rapid, easy, and practical services allow even out-of-state homeowners to sell their homes as-is.

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