Three-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Killed By People Who Adopted Her

Victoria Rose Smith, a 3-year-old was allegedly killed by her adoptive parents. And now her biological family is furious.

Little Victoria was adopted last March by couple Ariel and Jerry Austin Robinson. Ariel is known to be one of the participants on the Food Network series, Worst Cooks in America. She appeared in the 20th season of the show and was also reportedly the winner. But because of these allegations, the season of the show where she was a part has been pulled from all streaming services.

When the authorities found Victoria, she was unresponsive. Upon further examination, the authorities declared that she had been abused prior to her death. According to the authorities, blunt force trauma is one of the reasons for Victoria’s death. And Ariel and her husband are currently the prime suspects.

The Robinsons have two biological sons. Then in February 2020, they adopted Victoria along with her two biological brothers. On social media, Ariel would always talk about her blended family. Her Twitter account is still active, and here, she presented herself as “Ari- People Lover.” According to her Twitter bio, she’s a religious wife and mother and is also a comedian.

Ariel features photos of Victoria a lot on her social media accounts. And based on what she’s sharing, nobody can say that these allegations were actually happening. Both Ariel and her husband Jerry or “Austin” host a podcast, called the “Double-A Shenanigan Podcast.

” People think that Ariel was using her Food Network fame to launch her career as an entertainer even further. Their website says, “We have been married for 10 years now, but we have been best friends for almost 17 years… We have 5 beautiful children, 2 through birth, and 3 through adoption — all 5 by choice and from God’s perfect grace and blessings to our lives. ”

In an interview with People, Simpsonville police spokesman Justin Lee Campbell said, “Police officers handle all kinds of cases, and these kinds of cases can be the hardest for them to do. It is a sad day. You bring charges and maybe convictions, but at the end of the day the life of a child was taken.”

Casie Phares, the biological mom of Victoria, placed a teddy bear by her grave at her funeral. Michelle Urps, Victoria’s great-aunt, has been the family spokesperson. She spoke to WISTV about what happened. She said, “Nobody in my family is holding up well,” she said.

“The emotions in this family are very raw. There were big things ahead for that little girl. Honestly and truly if she had been allowed to live the rest of her life she would have conquered the world. ”

The motives are still unclear as to why this incident happened. The sentence for death by child abuse is often 20 years to life in prison. The fact that Ariel she was a former teacher is even more alarming for some. Of course, anyone having professional experience with children like hers would make for an even more stable adoption match.

What happened to Victoria is proof that child abuse may be happening before our very. And like those who knew Victoria, they assumed that this little girl was loved by her adoptive parents. However, her death tells us something else.

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