Lucas Black from NCIS: New Orleans revealed more about his decision to leave the show

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NCIS: New Orleans star Lucas Black decided to leave the show and it opened the door for the writers to have his character killed.



This was back in Season 6, during an episode called Matthew 5:9, and the producers did a great job of keeping it under wraps until everything played out on screen.

Black’s character, Christopher LaSalle, was working on a case that involved investigating the death of his brother. In the process, he also got shot in a dramatic moment at a cabin in the woods.

NCIS: NOLA fans were definitely not expecting the death of LaSalle, but Black later spoke about how it was his decision to walk away from the show.

At the time, Black gave a few brief statements about wanting to spend more time with his family, even though it did mean that he would have to leave a very successful drama on CBS.

Now, Black has given a fresh interview, looking back on his time with NCIS: NOLA and his decision to leave.

Lucas Black speaks more about NCIS: New Orleans departure
“The show was good to us. We had a good time. It was a good run, and we sacrificed a lot of family time. But at some point, enough was enough. It was time for us to… take back a lot of that time and spend that quality time with each other that was sacrificed for six years,” Lucas Black told FOX News.

“I would go to work the kids would still be in bed. I would come home and they would already be in bed for the night going to sleep again. That doesn’t bode too well with your relationship with your children… so for us, we knew that couldn’t last forever,” Black elaborated about how he and his wife viewed his involvement with the show.
Looking back, Black doesn’t regret making the decision to put his family first. And after taking some time off with his family, he has been able to return to work on some projects close to his heart.

His free time includes putting together YouTube videos like the one shared below, where he is shown working on his new movie, Legacy Peak.

New seasons of NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i have already begun on CBS, with the first few episodes already available for streaming on Paramount+.

A few sneak peeks from the NCIS: Los Angeles season premiere have also been released, giving fans a look at what will be coming when the show returns later in October.

For NCIS: LA fans who want to jump ahead, here are some early spoilers for Season 14.

While Lucas Black’s time in the NCIS universe has come to an end, the episodes are all available for fans to go back and re-watch.

NCIS: New Orleans is available for streaming on Paramount+.

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