‘NCIS’ Mark Harmon Is Finally Removed In Big Way

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Mark Harmon has been a staple in the opening credits of NCIS since the series first debuted in September 2003. Understandably, many viewers of the American police procedural drama were absolutely gutted when they learned Mark Harmon was walking away from the series. After all, team leader Leroy Jethro Gibbs has been a fan favorite since the very first episode of the first season. Many fans wondered if NCIS could even continue to move forward without him. Would Mark Harmon’s exit result in the cancelation of NCIS?

Despite losing the man who had been a staple in the series from the beginning, the series continued to move forward. According to TVLine, fans are fast approaching the one-year anniversary of the last time Mark Harmon made an appearance on the show. Up until this point, however, his character still had a place in the introduction.

Fans of NCIS are officially entering new territory as Mark Marmon has finally been plucked out of the intro of the American police procedural drama series.
Mark Harmon plucked from NCIS intro

As TVLine reminds us, Mark Harmon originally planned to retire from his role as Leroy Jethro Gibbs after Season 18 concluded. He, however, learned that CBS wasn’t to keen on renewing the series without Mark as part of the cast. So, the actor agreed to come back to the series in a limited capacity for the sake of the rest of his cast mates. The actor, however, only made appearances in four episodes of Season 19 before walking away.

During the send-off episode saying goodbye to Special Agent Gibbs, the character made the decision to NOT take back his gun, badge, or job after being sidelined. Instead, he wanted to say in “the middle of nowhere” in Alaska. Despite walking away from the show four episodes into Season 19, Mark Harmon continued to appear in the introduction for the remainder of Season 19.

With the kickoff of Season 20, Mark Harmon has finally been removed from the introduction. Now, Sean Murray, who plays the role of the beloved McGee, is the first face featured during the introduction montage. NCIS fans agree both the character McGee and the actor Sean Murray has come a long way from being the Probie to now being the face that replaced Jethro Gibbs.

Were you surprised to see Mark Harmon was finally plucked from the NCIS introduction? Let us know what you think of McGee now being the first face you see in the comments down below.

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