‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Alum Lucas Black Hopes To ‘Bring Masculinity Back’ in His New Western Movie

For NCIS: New Orleans alum Lucas Black, he’s back working on a new movie and he’s hoping to “bring masculinity back.” This seems to be very important to Black. He’s known to share that hashtag in some of his social media posts. In this one, he’s talking about things that matter to him personally.

“Working on a western in Arizona,” Lucas Black wrote. “My character has to stand up for his wife and daughter while protecting his family and fighting for his marriage. Also… Jerome Powell said if unemployment rises it will supposedly help inflation… so that’s why I’m working. #bringmasculinityback #newmovie #western #family #advevnture”.

Fans were happy to see Black’s post. One wrote, “Love it! Excited to see you in another western!” Another fan said, “Can’t wait to see it! The last movie was great”. This one also wrote, “Looking good, love westerns. Can’t wait to see it !” These fans are looking forward to seeing another movie in the long, illustrious career of Black.
Lucas Black Said Hollywood Is ‘Destructive’ To Families

Lucas Black does keep busy on social media. He’s quite open with his thoughts and opinions. In another recent post, he blasted Hollywood for being “destructive” to families. “Being in the entertainment business since I was an early child, I was able to recognize how destructive it can be to families,” Black told Fox News Digital. “Most of the time that’s because you’re away from home for a long time and the working hours are very long… For three years, it was normal to work 70 hours a week.”

By the way he’s talking, you might think that Black did not enjoy being on a big network TV show. Well, he called the show he was a star on a “good run.” Yet he did leave the show and felt like he needed to get back to more family time. Fellow cast members reportedly grew to respect Black’s decision. He did say that he thought they might have been surprised.
But Lucas Black admitted that it was something that he’d been thinking about for a long period of time. “But most of the cast respected it, and they understood the reasons why because they know the grind of network television,” he said. While Black does stay out of the spotlight pretty much these days, he’s still active on social media. But one thing that Black is definitely devoted to is his family. One person that Black did look forward to working with, reportedly, was Mark Harmon. As you may know, Harmon was not a regular on NCIS: New Orleans. Scott Bakula was the lead actor on that show.

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