Why did Sean Murray of NCIS Planned His Wedding to Wife Carrie in Just Three Months?

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Sean Murray and his wife Carrie’s relationship progressed quickly, with the couple marrying only eleven months after they began dating.

In 2004, the NCIS actor and the BRA Network founder met at a friend’s Halloween party, and their relationship blossomed after they attended the same friend’s New Year’s Eve party. They married on November 26, 2005, with the bride wearing a timeless strapless wedding gown.

Sean, who was 25 at the time, had proposed three months earlier after Carrie, then 27, had “put the heat on” to get engaged.

On the Wedding Dish Podcast, she discussed their whirlwind romance, saying: “We got engaged in August, but I put the pressure on him in June, saying, ‘What are we doing?’ ‘What exactly is going on?’”
On the Wedding Dish Podcast, Carrie discussed her engagement and wedding.

She told Sara Alepin about the intimate home proposal: “We were living together at the time, and I went to bed early. When I awoke from my nap, he was on one knee, holding a ring. He mistook your shoe size for your ring size, so my ring was an 8.5 when it should have been a 7.”

The reason for the short timeline was Carrie and Sean’s desire to marry during Thanksgiving break, which meant that they would always be able to spend their anniversary together over the holiday weekend in their respective careers as teachers and actors. Her only other option, she joked, was to wait for spring break!
Carrie joked that she put Sean under pressure to propose in June 2005.

Fortunately, they found the ideal venue at Lakeside Country Club, which had already been decorated for Christmas and would make the ideal festive wedding backdrop

“What was great was that the venue provided catering, linens, and everything else. We didn’t expect it to be decorated for Christmas, so it had the most beautiful lights and a tree, and I didn’t have to buy lighting. ‘Oh my god, this is gorgeous!’ I exclaimed.”

While the couple’s photos are beautiful, with everything coming together on their wedding day, Carrie says the one thing she would change is hiring a wedding planner.

Carrie and Sean welcomed two children, Caitlyn and River, after their wedding.

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